Categories Forumizer module [beta]

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The easiest and painless way to convert a blog into a forum or embed a forum into a blog or make your website a mixed blog and forum.

This module allows you to specify which categories you want to convert into forums. It will override the standard appearance of category indexes and will show the contents in tables using well-known forum layouts.

Convert your categories

You just need to turn a couple of switches on to convert a category into a forum.
Setup your subforums

Categories are turned to forums individually, so you can have either a full branch behaving as a forum or have a blog view in one of them.

Taking advantage of the Quick Posts form

Your users will be delighted to post with this ease of use!

 Once you taste the power of this module, you'll never see forum systems the same.

Latest changes:

[0.0.9] - 2022-01-11

  • Added check to prevent warning when the comments module isn't enabled.

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