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A complete shopping cart in a module. Includes an importer for WooCommerce. Comes with cash, deposit/transfer, PayPal and Blockchain Financial payment gateways.

Requires the Accounts Special info and GeoNames modules.

Uses the interface module if installed.

  • License: #Paid for personal or commercial use - see terms here
  • Developed by: LAVA SoftWorks
  • Not included in any bundle.
  • Package id: modules_premium/bardcommerce
  • Current version: 1.2.0, released 9 months ago
  • Not available for download without a token.
  • Pricing not yet available.

Latest changes:

[1.2.0] - 2020-05-19

  • Added exportable category lists:
    • All categories: /<base>/all-categories-list.xml
    • Categories in shop: /<base>/<shop_slug>/categories-list.xml
  • Added encoding fallback to the RSS feed generators.
  • Added JSON exportable browsing mode for shops:
    • /<base>/<shop_slug>/?mode=browse&limit=n&offset=n&order=[n]&search_category=string&search_for=string
    • order=16 ~ Order by relevance (default)
    • order=2 ~ Order by newest
    • order=8 ~ Order by popularity
    • order=19 ~ Order by price (low to high)
    • order=20 ~ Order by price (high to low)
    • order=3 ~ Order by name
    • search_category=string ~ Search in category id.
    • search_for=string ~ Search by product id, sku, custom id, parent id, main category, title, slug, short description, long description.

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