New module released: Fast Account Switching

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First things first: latest updates

In order to bring the new module to existence, we needed to add some changes to a copule of components:

Core updated to version

  • Tuned session closing function.

Accounts module updated to version 1.20.5:

  • Added extension point on the user dropdown menu.

We also fixed a few issues on the Posts subsystem, and bumped it to version 1.30.0:

  • Added filtering that caused empty root feeds.
  • Added category listing widget for the right sidebar.
  • Fixed permalink issues on all widgets.
  • Fixed wrong ordering issues.

And now: the Fast Account Switching Module

We know that, as developer, you need to create multiple user accounts when testing stuff. And even though you might use a passwords manager, logging out and then logging back in with other credentials might be annoying in the long term.

So, in an effort to help not only ourselves but all BardCanvas module developers, and inspired by the Twitcher extension for Google Chorme, we made this small module that allows you to store multiple user sessions, then, switch between them with a single click:

You can find this module in our Miscellaneous Modules Library. It is free and Open Source!

Go to the module page

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