[ANN] Open Beta release for iOS

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We gladly announce that we got Apple's approval for an open beta for BardCanvas.

iOS app betas are managed through Apple's TestFlight app. Please follow the next steps if you want to jump in:

  1. Send us your email address using any of the next channels:
  2. Install Apple's TestFlight app. It is needed to install the BardCanvas app. Get TestFlight from iTunes here.

  3. We'll send an invitation to your email address from our iTunes Connect account. Once you open your email app, you must open the provided link to accept it and register yourself as a BardCanvas tester.

  4. Once accepted the invitation, you'll have BardCanvas added to TestFlight so you can install it.

  5. That's all. Once BardCanvas is installed you'll just check the tutorial to get started.

Please let us know if you get lost in the way.

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