Four months is a lot of time. But we've been working. A lot.

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Busy times behind

During the last months we've been working hard on side quests. Several BardCanvas-powered websites have been brought up, and we helped -and we're still helping- them to become state-of-the-art destinations.

A lot of components were debugged, improved and extended in an attempt to grow the usability of our engine, and new modules were made.

Let's recap all that has been done.

Updated components

Core updated to version

  • Tuned hashtags autolinking function on the web helper.
  • Added missing year on time_today_string helper function for old dates.
  • Added slug word separator selection.
  • Removed conversion function on cli to HTML exporter.
  • Added IP privacy settings (user-level based).
  • Rearranged reCAPTCHA keys on the settings editor.
  • Added check to avoid image forging errors on the graphics management functions file.
  • Added directive to robots.txt.
  • Added optional requirements to setup script.
  • Tuned notifications.

Contact module updated to version 2.4.3:

  • Added robots meta.

Accounts module updated to version 1.21.3:

  • Added password recovery check to avoid leakages.
  • Devices code cleanup.
  • Added reload button to devices page.
  • Removed device from screen instead of reloading the whole page when deleting a device.
  • Hidden country selector when set as non-mandatory on the account editor form.
  • Tuned profile saving scripts.
  • Added extension points.
  • Added setting of default country when it can't be obtained on registration.

Posts module updated to version 1.33.1:

  • Added optional limits to slider and featured posts.
  • Tuned post fields on the settings editor.
  • Added missing limits on the popular posts widget.
  • Tuned user profile home sections.
  • Added extension points.
  • Added checks for incidental bogus post ids.
  • Moved rendering of the quick post button for mobiles to the pre-EOF area.
  • Added option to show/hide the quick post button for mobiles on the settings page.
  • Fixed issue in slug generator.

Chats module updated to version 1.3.1:

  • When there's a single chat and it is shown on the menu, the chat's name is shown instead of the generic caption.
  • Changed some installation defaults.

MH Magazine Lite template updated to version 1.0.9:

  • Fixed database error when list of exclusive slugs for the category based listings was empty.

Basic ad injections module updated to version 1.3.0:

  • Added markup injection point above the header.

Logs viewer module updated to vesion 1.1.1:

  • Added limits to list selectors.
  • Added live view launcher for selected log.

Triklet core module updated to version 1.22.4:

  • Added content filter for malformed CSS in ms-based emails.
  • Added multi/single record actions for agents on the tickets browser.
  • Added mini-browser on the conversation view when the remote profiles module isn't enabled.
  • Refactored ticket attachments count to show ticket media/doc counts.
  • Added last internal message to the messages browser (for agents and up).
  • Added category coloring on the tickets browser (when category is specified) and on the conversation view (when category is not specified).
  • Added colorized icons to the tickets browser (only available to agents).
  • Allowed to change category on solved/closed tickets.
  • Implemented IP privacy enforcement.
  • Added ticket hashtags support.
  • Fixed missing user display name override on the agents home tickets table.
  • Further optimizations to the colorized icons feature.
  • Added filter by category on the tickets browser (for agents only).
  • Refactored search:
    • Added user filters to avoid unwanted info being shown to them.
    • Polished search by date and month.
    • Added search by date range.
    • Optimized queries for faster searches.
    • Added instructions.
  • Fixed typos in settings checks.
  • Improved message sanitization functions.
  • Added support for default mail server charset.
  • Added filtering of special characters on user display name when creating accounts.

XML Menus module updated to version 1.1.0:

  • Fixed wrong module name in generated menu items.
  • Wrapped captions for ease of CSS manipulation.
  • Language files fixes.

New modules

  • Autopush is a module that pushes posts to social networks. It is still under development, and currently supports Twitter and Discord.
  • Crypto CCicons is a free module designed with the support of Blockchain Financial that can be used to render cryptocurrency icons in place (inside IMG tags).
  • Vertical Search Importer is a client of sorts for the Semantic Juice engine that helps building news aggregating websites. Still under development.

Please note that none of the modules listed above has a download page yet. Once they're ready to go, we'll release them accordingly.

New guest sites

One of the project we've been involved in was the GhostBot Scanner. This is a cryptocurrencies-centric website that offers technical analysis over market movements on major cryptocurrency exchanges. It provides extraordinary input for traders and allows everyone to see trend indicators for hundreds of cryptocurrencies, and by subscribing for a small fee, extra features are delivered.

The price indicators table
Single market details chart

Another site that we helped developing was "Growers Today", a news aggregating site that relied on the Semantic Juice engine to provide stories from major news sources in the cannabis industry. But it recently was rebranded to "Grower News":

How it initially was:
What it looks like now:

More to come

Previously, we notified about the availability of GrowBot, a cryptocurrencies trading bot we helped building. But our collaboration with Growers International didn't stop there.

We're currently helping them out to migrate their main website from WordPress. Several websites are being made and an assortment of services are going to be offered soon.

Growers International Main Website dummy

As you might notice, BardCanvas is adding heavy support to #cryptocurrencies.

Yes, we have experience with that.

Keep tuned! We have more news, but we're holding them back until we're ready to launch! 

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