v0.0.3-alpha released on Google Play

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Originally, I'd set on the app some parameters to enforce downloadable media recompression out of the box, but it was causing issues to one of the BardCanvas Club websites that heavily relies on videos. So I changed the defaults to maximums (basically I disabled recompression by default), recompiled and published the version.

At the moment of writing this note it hasn't been released by Google, but I guess it will take some hours to propagate.

I strongly recommend all the alpha testers to take the next steps:

- Update the app if it hasn't been already updated.
- Delete all the sites you've added but one: the BardCanvas official site.
- Open the left menu and enter the options, then max out the images and videos recompression.
- Delete the BardCanvas official site.
- Add them all again.

These steps are preferred since I made further changes to all websites, and the manifests need to be re-downloaded (at the moment there's no in-app automatic services update), also to re-download the contents from all websites.

That's all for the moment. I'm still working on notifications on the website and social media channels with the official news releases.

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