Finally, a new template, different than the previous ones

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Yes, we know, templates are the most important part of a website. If it isn't pretty AND functional, it will just suck. But before getting to the point, let the updates round begin!

Updated components

Core Updated to version

  • Added support for language files on templates.

Twitter Cards module updated to version 1.3.2

  • Removed button by default unless a site is specified.

Posts module updated to version 1.25.2

  • Added extension point on the Quick Posts form.
  • Added check on the Quick Posts form to allow hiding it based on the exceptions specified in the main category selector.
  • Added helper method the posts repository.
  • Fixed a potential issue on the post_record method used to store custom fields.

BC Customizable Header module updated to version 1..0.1

  • Minor CSS fixes

Single Signon module updated to version 0.0.4:

  • Added check to avoid automatic accounts creation through Facebook when accounts registration is disabled.
  • Changed UID mangling prefix to avoid BIGINT overflows.

All base templates updated to the next minor version (x.x.5):

  • Fixed left sidebar relocation issue.

New modules released

We released the Google Analytics Support module. It allows you to add the Google Analytics tracking code to the HTML header of the website and allows you to add different tracking code to individual posts. And yeah, it is free.

Say HI! to the Responsive Template!

As we discussed with some users in the past, the base template (the BardCanvas flagship template) took several weeks to be completed, The other four templates based on it (Andrea, Patricia and Blue/Orange Network) are esentially the same thing but with a few visual differences. They were orinigally made to mark the differences in BardCanvas powered websites that were in development some months ago, and we didin't have time to make them essentially different.

Now, with the BardCanvas Club initiative, we're being asked to push ourselves and make new templates. We got some recommendations, and picked up a few Open Source templates made for WordPress. Thus, the porting started.

The Responsive template is based on the CyberChimp's template with the same name. It adds new elements and has editable options. And yes, it is both free and open source. Take a look now!

More templates to come soon

Within the next days we will release a few additional templates, and we will announce them as soon as they're all ready to roll.

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