The mobile app is quite finished! Alpha testing has started!

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During the last month we've working really hard to have the mobile app ready for testing in the real world. Some modules needed further changes to support upcoming features, and here's the list of what has changed:

Updates wrap-up

Comments module wrapped up to version 1.11.8

  • [v1.11.7] Added extension point on the comment addition script.
  • [v1.11.7] Added missing module infos.
  • [v1.11.7] Added check on comment saving to allow empty messages with attached reaction images.
  • [v1.11.8] Added support for shortcode and media tag conversion calls in contents.

Gallery module updated to version 1.13.1

  • Added media id attribute to video tags to ease DOM referencing.

Posts subsystem updated to version 1.28.2

  • Added extra check for empty contents on saving.

Messaging module wrapped up to version 2.5.6

  • [v2.5.5] Added extension point before sending message.
  • [v2.5.5] Added check to allow empty content with embedded attachments.
  • [v2.5.6] Added JPEG rotation fix support for images in messages.

Categories forumizer module updated to version 0.0.5

  • Fixed issues in default ordering.
  • Fixed wrong author selection on comment evaluations.

MH Magazine Lite and Responsive templates updated to the next minor version.

  • Added CSS fix for popup layout.

Triklet module updated to version 1.16.4

  • Added missing check to make a new ticket when a closed one is replied.

BardCanvas Mobile Platform modules released!

The mobile platform consists, at the moment, of four modules:

  • Mobile Controller: the core of the subsystem. It provides all facilities to the rest of the modules in the group.
  • Mobile Posts: adds support to provide posts feeds to the app.
  • Mobile Comments: adds support to serve comments and comment-related functions on post feeds on the app.
  • Mobile Chat: adds a chat service to the app using the messaging system.

All these modules have been added to the internal libraries. At the moment they can only be downloaded by using their package ids (modules_mobile/mobile_controller, etc). They're on beta testing, and as soon as the app is released to the public and these modules stop suffering changes, they will be added to the public libraries and the source code will be released on GitHub.

The mobile client has been added to Google Play!

Yeah! That's very good news!

Yesterday we enrolled on the Google Developers Program and started the draft for the BardCanvas app (aka Mobile Client). We created a closed alpha test and some friends jumped in to help row the boat.

We've created a forum on this website to make a public record of the progress. If you want to take a look, just go here: Once this stage is finished we may go to an open alpha testing, and there's where anybody willing to try and help can jump in and install the app on their mobile devices.

There's still work to be done, and we're not stopping until the app is fully released both on Google Play and iTunes.

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