Visual improvements, an important fix, and great response to our efforts

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We'd like to thank the guys of Bits Du Jour for their wonderful help on allowing us promote the BardCanvas Premium Bundles through their awesome store. Also, we'd like to thank the users that decided to give BardCanvas a try, and those that purchased some of our packages. We'll show all of you that you made a good decision by putting some bucks on us ☺️

During the weekend we've been asked for some visual improvements, and an error on documentation that has been spotted. Here's the list of changes we've rolled today:

Updated components

Core updated to version

  • Improved styles for nav tables.

Categories module updated to version 1.9.3:

  • Improved records browser navigation.

Posts module updated to version 1.26.3:

  • Improved records browser navigation.
  • Simplified publishing date editor.

Settings Manager updated to version 1.7.2:

  • Minor CSS fixes.

Triklet Main Module updated to version 1.16.2:

  • Added checks to avoid issues with the account monitor lockfile.

MH Magazine Lite template updated to version 1.0.4:

  • View counters made public on indexes.
  • Tuned showing of featured images on single posts.
  • Color adjustments.
  • Changed way of showing dates in grouped category index.

Post Ratings module udpated to version 0.4.3:

  • Added comments in module_info.xml file.

Important: there was an error in the required cron job specs generated by the setup file for the bundles that include this package.

The days for the jo on the spec were 1,15 but they should be 1,16 - this should be fixed using the crontab editor or rankings in the middle of the month wont be calculated.

The family is growing

Within the last days we've released more websites from the BardCanvas Club initiative, and all of them are having great acceptance over Facebook! The oldest one, Aeris Club, already has 1200 followers in two months, and the most recent one, the Space Escalator Club, started with an amazing amount of 100 new followers per day!

We paused the initiative during the big sale, but we'll resume it in a few days. If you want to be a member of the club with your own awesome blog, click here now!

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