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You have an idea.

That idea is a vision.

Your vision needs a vehicle.

Vehicles need energy to move.

We can be that energy.

About the club

The BardCanvas Club is an inititative we at LAVA SoftWorks started to give authors the chance to bring a great idea into an oustanding blog, forum or social network.

We're building a hub of websites with original content, posted by original people that wants to feed their own website for their own followers and still be able to raise above the crowd and be noticed by others.

For this reason (and with the help of a sponsor), we prepared a pretty fast server (Quad Core Xeon E3-1270 with 16GB of RAM and SSD storage) with packages and configurations that aren't included by most website hosting providers and bring BardCanvas to its full glory with a single purpose: to give a completely free, fully featured shared hosting account with a preloaded version of BardCanvas to a limited amount of users.

You just need to publish your content on your new website and we will take care of the rest, including promotion of your website through our social channels.

Our offer

The package includes, at no cost for you:

  • A shared hosting account with access to cPanel interface for one year.
  • 10 GB on disk / 2 databases.
  • 100 GB of monthly bandwidth.
  • 10 FTP accounts / 10 email accounts / 2 email lists.
  • PHP 5.6 / MariaDB 10.1 with Query Cache.
  • All BardCanvas requirements, including ffmpeg, memcached, self-updates cron job, etc.
  • Your website will be hosted as
  • Tech support for both your hosting account and your BardCanvas-based website.

And the big extras:

  • Your website will be listed on the BardCanvas Club index.
  • We will promote you on BardCanvas social channels (Facebook and Twitter).
  • If your website is outstanding, we may register with no charge for you.
  • Also, we may design a pretty template for your website.

Slots are limited.

► Apply now ◄

Wanna take a look at current member sites? Click here to see the listing

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