v0.0.6-alpha released on Google Play

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A couple of days ago I released without notice the version 0.0.5 of the alpha run on Google Play. This version had the next changes:

  • Added manifest updater on app init so latest website changes are visible immediately.
  • Improved the featured sites selector.
  • Hidden unused options button on the right sidebar.
  • Improved the chat functionality. This should reduce the impact on the battery that has been reported some days ago.
  • Tuned usage of back button on Android.
  • Added tutorial.

Whenever possible, please remove the app's data and cache usage (long tap on the app's icon, get into the app information and clear the specified items there).

I just recently released the version 0.0.6 with a minor change:

  • Extended back button usage on Android.

Alpha testers should be notified about the update within the next hours.

iOS is being tested locally. There's no way at the moment to make an alpha test run since Apple doesn't provide the tools. We'll have to dig deep into Apple's tools to find a way to do an open alpha.

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