January 2021 updates rollup (yes, the second of this month)

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Starting the year off the right foot

During the last days we detected a very big issue that is starting to bloom in the network. With the advent of 4K recording phones, the new standard for video encoding is becoming h.265, but not everyone has embraced it yet. So we had to take our hands on the media manager and tweak it to process videos and make them compatible with everyone by recoding them to h.264.

All that if FFMPEG is installed on the target system.

Also, we made the media manager log all video conversions and errors thrown by FFMPEG.

This is important step because many of our current engine users rely on videos on their websites.

Other modules got updates

Most of them were minor. Here's the full list of components that have changed:

Core updated to version

  • Enforced conversion of MP4 and M4V files.
  • Added arguments to force FFMPEG to encode videos using the h.264 codec.
  • Added logging of video conversions.
  • Added auto close param to notifications thrower.
  • Replaced clipboard copy alert with auto-closing notification or sound when available.

Posts subsystem updated to version 1.34.4:

  • Allowed multiple category ids in the "posts by category" widget.

Post ratings module updated to version 0.5.1:

  • Allowed admins enhanced voting controls.

Triklet module updated to version 1.26.3:

  • Tuned logging to avoid being broken by mail ids.

We're committed to make BardCanvas the best of its kind!

We continue developing components for multiple projects -self owned or as partners-, so we don't stop releasing updates so all our engine users get the benefits.

And we will try to make monthly announcements this year. So if you're following us on Facebook or Twitter, you might be receiving notifications from us more often.

Catch you up later!

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