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About the club

With the BardCanvas Club we're building a hub of websites with original content, posted by original people that wants to feed their own website for their own followers and still be able to raise above the crowd and be noticed by others. For this purpose, we will provide assistance and promotion through our social channels.

For more information about the initiative, check this document.

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Terms and conditions

LAVA SoftWorks will provide you, for one year, access to a shared hosting account on our dedicated server for the BardCanvas Club, with a subdomain of the "bardcanvas.club" domain, with the next benefits:

  • Your website will be yours. We will provide tech support, but we wont do anything on your website without your consent.
  • We will setup the software on your account and provide access credentials by email.
  • The contents you upload will be yours. You're their rightful owner.
  • You can discard your website at any time. No questions asked.
  • You will have a very fast website without paying for it.
  • As mentioned above, you will be promoted to gain followers and visits to your website with us paying for it.

Our requirements

  • Static websites are not accepted. You will have to continuously upload contents, at least twice a week, and respond to users comments if you allow users to comment your posts.
  • You must upload original contents, made by you. No copy/paste contents from other websites is allowed. If you plan to mention an article from an external news source, blog or website, you will have to write a review of it, mentioning the source at all times.
  • Any images or videos you upload must be either yours, royalty free or from the public domain.
  • The main topic of your website must be accepted by the general public and legal in the general terms. See restrictions below.
  • In case of a "take down notice" from an authority regarding rights infringed by your website, you must comply as soon as you're notified either by the authority or by us.
  • If your website or your contents are at some point morally punitive you must provide a disclaimer both on your website and in your contents.
  • You will be responsible for any liability regarding your website and its contents. Neither LAVA SoftWorks, our staff or our collaborators will share the legal burden caused by your decisions.
  • You must make backups of your website using your cPanel account. We wont make any backups for you.


  • Only one request per person is accepted, and only one website per person will be alloed.
  • Your website must not promote illegal activities or apology of the crime.
  • Your website must not promote racism, sexism or serve as vehicle for hate and exclussion.
  • Your website must not be of adult or porn nature. It must not promote sex oriented activities.
  • Your website must not be of destructive criticism nature or serve as a vehicle for calumny or defamation.
  • Your website must not be used to send spam or serve as a landing site for spamming mailing lists.
  • You must abide to the legislation of your country of origin and internationally accepted general terms. If your country forbids you to speak about certain topics, you must avoid doing it on your website.

The fine print

  • We wont gather any information from your website for our own use. Neither things you posts, things your website users post, names, email addresses, personal information, etc.
  • We will monitor the server and make sure it always functions correctly. At some times we may make full backups, but we can't guarantee to bring anything back to its previous state in case of a catastrophic failure.
  • We may add, change or remove part of all that's stated on this document without further notice.
  • If we design a template for your website, it wont be exclussive. It will be set as free for others to download.
  • If we register a .club domain for your website, we will keep it for one year. You will have to pay the registration fee afterwards. In such case, we will contact you and transfer the ownership to you before it expires.

If you have any doubt or need further information, please ask us using the comments form below.

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