The BardCanvas website Tokens System

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Most of BardCanvas components are free, but there are modules and templates that have really cool features and you can purchase for a small fee to help us pay for the bills. For these cases, we developed a usage system based on tokens.

What is a token?

A token is an identifier that looks like this:


Free components don't require a token to be downloaded or installed, but premium ones won't be downloadable or installable without a token associated to them.

Licenses and tokens

When you purchase a premium component on our website, a license is attached to your user account. Then you can bind this license to a token so it can be used on a website. This may sound a bit complex, but is what actually makes your purchase portable. Yes, you can reuse your licenses on other websites you own.

One page to bind them all

Let's say you have "" using the free BardCanvas bundle. Then you start getting hit by spammers and you want to get the Enhanced Security Module. You then need to:

  • Register an account on if you haven't done so.
  • Get to the Enhanced Security module page and hit on the "Buy now" button.
  • Make the payment and get a confirmation by email.
  • As instructed on the email, go to the Assets registry section on your account preferences page here at
  • Generate a token for the component.
  • Copy the new token to the clipboard and:
    • Go back to and enter the token on the Updates Client section of the settings page.
    • Go to the Modules Manager on and click on "Install..." and follow instructions.
      Alternatively, you can:
      • Register your website at using the assets registry.
      • Go to the Enhanced Security Module page and use the remote deployment tool.

Afterwards, you purchase a license for the Categories Forumizer module and want to set it to It is as easy as:

  • Follow the same steps to make the purchase.
  • Once you get the license showing on the Assets registry, instead of generating a new token for it, you add it to the same token to which you already have the Enhanced Security Module license attached.

💡 Tip: you should use the websites registry to keep track of which websites are using which tokens and licenses.

Some licenses may generate tokens automatically

Bardcanvas-based systems like Triklet use an external licensing system that generates tokens remotely. Putting Triklet aside, tokens for most premium bundles are generated here at If you purchase a bundle that generates a token automatically, you'll be notified over email after the purchase.

Expanding this topic a bit further: Triklet comes with the Enhanced Security Module, so, if for some reason you own a single license of this module, you may see two tokens shown on your registry. This is completely expected, since you have a license bound to Triklet (one you can't release) and the one you purchased separately.

Remember, your licenses are portable

If you get rid of a website, you can do one of two things:

  • Reassign the token with those licenses to a different website and install the modules there, or
  • Release licenses bound to its token, thus, "orphaning" the token. You can then reuse licenses either on other running sites or have them as spare for new ideas you turn into a BardCanvas-enabled site 🙂
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