Moving forward in all directions isn't easy, but it is rewarding 😊

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Though we're fully focused on the Mobile Client App, we're still tuning some modules on BardCanvas and adding things to give better support to the mobile platform.

Updated components

Messaging module updated to version 2.5.7:

  • Fixed error on uploading image (added missing include directive).

Mobile posts module updated to version 0.0.3:

  • Added data caching to reduce impact on the database.

Mobile chat module updated to version 0.0.3:

  • Important: this module depends on the Messaging module, which is a premium package. Because of this, the mobile chat has been moved to the premium group and will be available for download for free to owners of a license with access to the Messaging module.

Updates to the Mobile Client

We've been moving forward on the Alpha testing of the Mobile client. Thanks to the input we're getting from the testing team, we fixed some issues and made tiny improvements. Here the list:

  • Added app version on website addition form.
  • Added website addition form reset on showing.
  • Tuned the featured website details picker.
  • Added timeout on manifest fetching.
  • Added language selector to the website addition form.
  • Visual styles tuning.

The APK on Google Play has been updated, so alpha testers will soon receive the update notification.

New GitHub repositories released

If you're interested on taking a glimpse at the source code of the mobile platform and the app itself, you can find the list on the left sidebar (with the links to the other GitHub repos), here's the list:

Please note that none of the modules has been added to the libraries on our website. We'll work on that within the next days.

We finally got ourselves subscribed to the Apple Developers program. Within the next days we'll get started with the testing protocol on iOS.

Please keep an eye on us and follow our social channels if you want to get updates.

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