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We've been really busy on our Mobile Platform. It is still under development, though the heavy phase is almost finished.

As we said on our previous news release, we were tuning several modules. We fixed some bugs and extended code to give support to the upcoming modules. And here's the list of what has been done:

Updated components

Core updated to version

  • Removed website name suffix from `og:title` meta tag.
  • Added check to avoid throwing empty notifications.
  • Added extension point after loading user session.
  • Changed ajax error alerts for notifications to avoid locking up the browser.
  • Added helper method to the template class.
  • Added directives to TinyMCE styles.

Accounts module updated to version 1.15.5

  • Fixed collision on the profile preferences editor caused when loading the editable preferences collection.

Settings module updated to version 1.9.0

  • Added editor extension point.
  • Added display groups functionality.
  • Some code optimizations.

Contact module updated to version 2.3.0

  • Added simplified support for BardCanvas Mobile.
  • Added flag to avoid triklet-based redirections when available.

Gallery module updated to version 1.13.0

  • Added extra check for autolinking skips over internal vars for easing module overrides.
  • Added flag to avoid triklet-based redirections when available.
  • Added support for external posts edition (Mobile platform).

Comments module updated to version 1.11.6

  • Changed some visibility on some repository class methods to allow access by extender classes.
  • Added check on comment addition to support remote post.

YouTube for BardCanvas module updated to version 1.1.7

  • Added attribute to iFrame to allow DOM manipulation.

Posts module updated to version 1.28.0

  • Prevented showing the quick post composition link on "popup" layouts.
  • Added flag to avoid triklet-based redirections when available.
  • Added support for externalized quick posts form (on an iframe).
  • Added support for full external posts edition (Mobile platform).

All templates updated to their next minor version

  • Added TinyMCE support to popup layout.

Updated Premium modules

External User Tags module updated to vesion 1.4.4

  • Added support for remotely forged quick post and alternate incoming tags (BardCanvas Mobile platform tweaks).

Messaging module updated to version 2.5.4

  • Fixed double line breaks issue on docklet messages renderer.

And we're still working

The Mobile Platform tasks list is almost completed, but there's a handful of things that need to be reviewed and debugged.

We might take a few days to rest, but we'll try to have everything ready to begin 2018 with the testing protocols of Google Play and iTunes store for the Mobile Platform.

Keep a close eye on us. We're sure you'll like what's coming up.

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